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Welcome to Project K-9 Hero’s third newsletter and blog post. First, I want to recognize the Police Officers and the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities and this country. Thank you for your faithful service and in these trying times you remain in our thoughts and hearts.

The launch of our very first Project K-9 Hero hat has been a huge success so far. We were able to receive donations for our first order of 96 hats much quicker than we had planned, and in doing such we made a fairly decent profit to provide services directly back to our K-9 Heroes.  The net proceeds from our first order of hats were just over $3200, and we have already received orders for 15 more as of today. We plan on making one more order of the Kryptek Camo line of hats, which are currently available as a gift for a donation on our website. We will let this order run several more weeks with the hopes of surpassing our first order, so if you wanted to get one of these hats, please make your donation as quickly as possible and reserve yours today. This will be the last production of this design of the Project K-9 Hero hat. We will look at designing an entirely new hat in early 2017; therefore, hats will not be available again until then.

“If you wanted to get one of these hats, please make your donation as quickly as possible and reserve yours today. This will be the last production of this design.

As of this week, we just completed the design on our first Project K-9 Hero challenge coin, velcro patches, and vinyl decal, all of which will be available on our website soon as a gift for a lesser donation amount for those of you who wanted to donate but were not interested in or could not afford our hat. Once we complete this last hat order, we will focus on designing our first male and female version of a Project K-9 Hero t-shirt, available this fall.

Our Project K-9 Hero children’s book is starting to come to life, and we recently just agreed on a publishing deal with a company that will find us illustrators, editors and other professionals to work on this project pro-bono as well as help us find sponsors to cut down our printing costs. This is a great opportunity for us, because as in everything we do in this organization, we are trying to make sure we can return as much as we can from every donation back to supporting the K-9’s in our program.

One thing I wanted to be sure to do with this foundation is to be as transparent as possible in regards to where your donations are going and how we are accomplishing our goals. In just a few months, Project K-9 Hero has received just under $7,000 in private donations. With that money, we have been able to ensure we now have the funds in place to provide our death benefit services to any of our dogs should any of them pass away. That was the very first goal we wanted to accomplish in this program. We are currently working on providing food to be drop shipped to each of the K-9’s residences. We are in negotiations with several programs and distributors to hopefully make this happen soon. It is important to know that none of our board members or myself receive any payment or compensation for our time or services and that all proceeds go to help maintain and fund this program.

The amount of positive feedback we have continued to receive has been outstanding and it has pushed me personally to do more and to work harder to make Project K-9 Hero a national program. None of this would be possible without each of you who have made donations, shared our website and Facebook page or took the time to read this article. Thank you again for all of your support and in helping me protect those who have protected us.


Jason Johnson

Founder of Project K-9 Hero

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