K-9 Dingo

K9_DINGO_ToyName: K-9 “DINGO”

Breed: Dutch Shepherd (Male)

DOB: November 20, 2003

Agency: City of Washougal Police Department, Washougal, WA

Discipline: Single Purpose Narcotics Detection

Formal Schooling and Certifications: K-9 DINGO attended a six week Narcotics Detection Course within the Portland metro area in January 2007. He was certified in Narcotics Detection with the Washington State Criminal Justice Commission and Washington State Police Canine Association. DINGO was also certified in the State of Oregon through the Oregon Police Canine Association.

Career Stats: K-9 DINGO had over 2,000 deployments in his career, resulting in millions of dollars in narcotic and cash seizures. DINGO’s largest single find was 75 lbs. of methamphetamine hidden in a residence. DINGO was featured on an episode of COPS in 2007, where he located 1.5 lbs. of cocaine hidden in a console.

Additional Information: K-9 DINGO was purchased through a company in Nampa, ID, as a 3 year old. DINGO started his official K-9 Training in January 2007.

DINGO spent his entire career at the Washougal Police Department in Washougal, WA, from 2007-2013. During that time, DINGO worked with the Patrol Division, Narcotics Task Force Units and the Regional SWAT Team, conducting high risk search warrants for narcotics. DINGO also assisted numerous Federal Agencies in the metro area with the detection of narcotics.

When DINGO retired in 2013, he had been credited with over 2,000 K-9 deployments in his long career. DINGO participated in dozens of public demonstrations, school visits and community related events throughout his career.

DINGO now spends his retirement days lounging with three other dogs at the house getting into all sorts of trouble. DINGO is still an active dog and likes to be part of the family. Even at 12 years old, he still acts like a working dog and searches the house and yard looking for his toys.
At just under 80 lbs., DINGO thinks he is a lap dog and shares his time on the couch with his sister, Lulu (a 3 year old Chihuahua) and his brother, Bentley (a 3 year old Corgi mix).

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